Our Business

1.Developing and consulting Blockchain System

Blockchain is most known for the technology behind bitcoin, but the technology has so much more potential.

We are working on integrating blockchain technology with AI and IoT to have impact on people’s lives. We will provide systems that match after carefully explaining conceptual parts such as public chain · private chain and PoW · PoS.

It is us that will bring convenient and innovative mechanism not only to Japan to the world.
We will constantly announce about the new things we bring, so please stay tuned.

We briefly introduced already, but block chain (smart contract) will be the core to next generation’s innovation. We can develop systems integrating block chain at our company regardless of domestic and international. We do consulting  of the system regardless of Enterprise or individuals.

・Financial ・Real-estate ・Insurance ・Restaurants

・Services ・Automobile ・IoT and AI

These are just some example of what we have done. We will keep you up to date with upcoming news. 。

2.Support expanding blockchain services overseas

“We don’t know how to market the block chain service that we made…” Are there many business managers and persons in charge who think so? If you are struggling on how to market your service, we got you covered. One of the strength of blockchain is that it is border less. Don’t stop domestic, go global with us!

Available Languages

・English ・Chinese ・Spanish ・Russian
・German ・French ・Arabic

Feel free to contact us for more details and we will be glad to send documents about our businesses.

3.Web Media

Today, we see crypto currency and blockchain related news every single day. Everyday something new is born utilizing the technology.

We operate a comprehensive news media that curates information specialized in crypto currency, ICO (Initial Coin Offering), block chains and so on.

In addition, we also manage video media delivering videos such as speech and panel discussion of conferences being held all over the world every day.


We provide fresh news and technology in a simple manner where even beginners of the technologies can understand.

4.Back office consignment work related to block chain service

There are many customer confirmation work like KYC (Know your customer) or identity confirmation from the viewpoint of AML (Anti Money Laundering) for service using block chain and crypto currency. We have team of staffs ready to correspond 24 hours in many languages. In addition, we also have support for customer support etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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